These coveralls are the highest quality coveralls made. Built to last. Made by Dickies Brand. Perfect USCG patch matching. New lighter weight coveralls! More to come and other lighter weight coveralls are available upon request. Much Cooler and designed especially for the USCG. More Pockets, more zippers, perfect matching patches, belt loops, and much cooler.

Long Sleeve USCG Lightweight Coveralls coming soon.

USCG Hats coming soon

These hats will be top quality, well-constructed, durable hats completely embroidered to your specifications including Station, Cutter, and Sector names. The goal is to maintain a top quality hat while lowering costs, and more importantly to deliver these hats quickly.

Seamstress Services now available on USCG Lightweight Coveralls. These coveralls can be altered to make a perfect fit. Call me directly for details and pricing.

Specialty white coveralls are now available!

USCG Hoodies and Station Shirts coming soon.


With every 2 USCG coveralls you order!
Cotton Navy Blue USCG Boarding t-shirt

Silk-screened with U.S. Coast Guard
to USCG specifications

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