Now and then we have some material we can offer at a reduced price.

We have a cockpit piece in Luna Silver for a 2006 Baja 25′ Outlaw that is about complete and can finished to fit around the seats again offered at a SUPER price!

We still have some of Jim’s Ultra Marine Carpet in stock and it is the perfect affordable solution when looking to replace your old existing carpet or add new flooring! It is made in 4 foot widths, and can be seamed together to make larger sizes. It is easy to work with and cuts easily with scissors.

Jim’s Ultra Marine Carpet is made of PVC and offers a tight but flexible weave that feels great to the touch and stand on. It is the perfect flooring for small boats to large Yachts.

Its soft and supple texture will feel nice on your feet and provide a rich looking floor that will add value to your vessel, and keep you dry, mold and mildew free.

This Carpet is just over 1/2″ thick and offers great shock absorbance, yet water and liquid will flow right through it and out of your boat. It is also perfect for an outside “carpet” for the home and deck as well as docks and pool areas.

Jim’s Ultra Marine Carpet is an affordable way to get a very special material for your project!  Please Contact Us for more information and special pricing!

Jim’s Ultra Marine Carpet offers a non skid backing that holds the material in place!

Jim’s Ultra Beige in bright sunlight.

Jim’s Ultra gray in bright sunlight.