PVC Loop Mat flooring is used for boats, commercial vessels, industrial mats, and outdoor areas. Our high quality coating on both sides makes this material very durable, self-draining, mildew and algae resistant, and easy to maintain. It is perfect for marine and outdoor use as it will not retain water, in fact water drains right through it.  Sand, dirt, food are all easily wash away.

The flooring is available in 24 different colors. Rolls, cut sizes or custom sizes are available.  and great for any place where a nice soft durable floor is needed.

PVC Loop Mat flooring is easy to work with, cuts and trims with a pair of scissors, and can be pieced together with clear PVC cement.  This flooring just lays in place and does not need to be glued or fastened down. 

PVC Loop Mat flooring is a beautiful yet tough flooring that will provide a nice floor covering for almost any type of environment.  Its individual thick wound PVC loops make it a strong flooring that can take a beating and still look nice enough to entertain on.  If you fish, fish hooks can easily be removed from the material. Available in 24 beautiful colors.


PVC Loop Mat flooring is a perfect floor for any type of boat.  Besides being strong and durible, its finer wound PVC Loops give it a soft texture that make it nice to walk and sit on.  Getting a fish hook dislodged is not a problem!  Available in 24 beautiful colors!



Flows right through!

Water and other liquids flow right through our PVC Loop Mat products keeping the area you are standing on always dry and making the flooring easy to clean!