USCG Coveralls – Hoodies – T-Shirts – Morale Shirts – Boot Socks – VMI Packs

New 2020 Lightweight coveralls coming soon.
2020 USCG Calendar coming soon.


With every 2 USCG coveralls you order!
  Cotton Navy Blue USCG Boarding t-shirt

Silk-screened with U.S. Coast Guard
to USCG specifications

USCG Notice and is here to serve the United States Coast Guard at all times. I want to make sure you have what you need within a moments notice. As we already provide all types of coveralls with patches, hats, socks, and now embroidered t-shirts. Please remember that we also have sheets, towels, blankets, and pillows that I can deliver to you within 48-72 hours on average. The cost is well below the Exchange, and the quality is even better. As you have seen with our USCG coveralls, the quality is second to none. You can reach me 24 hours a day and I will always help you.

Thank you USCG for the great things you do everyday to keep us safe.

Thank you,
Blake Reed